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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cars damaged by rock throwers

Several vehicles on the U.S. 127 freeway were damaged Friday night by rocks thrown off the Pleasant Valley Road overpass south of Shepherd.
Michigan State Police from the Mt. Pleasant Post said witnesses reported seeing at least two males, most likely juveniles, on the overpass when the vehicles were damaged. A witness also reported seeing a man talking to the suspects on the overpass within minutes of the incidents.
Troopers would like to this man.
Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Michigan State Police Mt. Pleasant Post at (989) 773-5951.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure seems to me that younger kids are causing alot more trouble than they did a few years back. Whats wrong with todays kids? I'll tell you what - Parents! Its too easy for parents to park their kids in front of a computer, or TV instead of comunicating with them to teach them whats right and whats wrong!

12:39 PM 

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