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Saturday, December 01, 2007

'A significant winter storm'

Sunday morning could be pretty to look at, but not pretty to drive in.
What forecasters are calling "a significant winter storm" is expected to bring a mix a snow, sleet and freezing rain to the region Saturday night and Sunday morning.
Forecasters say the storm system was taking shape on the Plains Saturday morning, getting ready to pelt the Great Lakes with a messy winter mix.
The northern part of central Michigan could see snowfall for as long as nine hours before turning to rain, while the souther part -- Gratiot and Montcalm -- is likely to see less snow, but could see more ice.
The biggest hazard from all this: the wind is expected to pick up. Once trees and power lines get encased in ice, the extra weight makes them much more likely to break. When they're swinging in the wind, they can come down fast.
That's in addition to the greasy roads -- which a lot of drivers didn't handle very well Friday.


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