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Saturday, April 26, 2008

the need for speed

Morning Sun Editor Rick Mills and I had the very cool assignment of riding along with a state trooper in this super fast, super hip Dodge Charger.

That thing is fast.

I could see the needle from my spot in the back seat and I can tell you that i've never gone that fast in something on wheels, that quickly. Ever. Even if you count roller coasters, because the fastest one I've ever been on is the Magnum at Cedar Point, and that thrill ride only hits 72 mph.

Even the fastest roller coaster in the world, Six Flag's Kingda Ka "only" reaches 128 mph, and I know we were close to that catching up to cars that day. (Although it does sound fun to be on an amusement ride that goes 128 mph.)

It makes sense to have a car with such pick-up-and-go if you're a patrol trooper on the highway, though. The faster you catch up with a car, the less time you're speeding on the highway, putting lives at potential risk.

And beyond that, it was such a rush. It was so cool.

I think Kingda Ka is in my future...


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