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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

How I Shot that Photo

A lot of people are asking me about this photo:

People want to know how far away I was, was I standing on something, what lens did I's the scoop...

Sun reporter Sue Field and I were about what looks to me to be about 1/8th of a mile away from the suspect when he was arrested. Or, when looking below, where Sgt. Hugel is standing. The suspect was toward the edge of the cornfield, all the way in the back of the picture, near the blue pole barn.

Or, to give another perspective, in the picture below, near the car in the foreground, shooting toward the car in the waaaayy background.

As you can tell, I was on a hill, and very far away. I used a 300 mm lens, and still, this is what the picture looked like uncropped:

It was exciting to be so close, and have such amazing access to something like that. I feel like the picture was mostly luck, and since yesterday was my birthday, a really fabulous birthday present:)


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