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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Brunner happy to see Favre go

The Brett Favre-Green Bay Packers soap opera has dominated the sports world.

With the latest developments pointing to Favre finally parting ways with the Packers, most Green Bay fans have expressed disappointment with the Packers organization.

CMU quarterback Brian Brunner is not one of those fans.

"I know Brett Favre must understand it is an election year because he sure has done a lot of flip-flopping," Brunner said. "I grew up a Packers fan and always liked Brett Favre, but when he announced his retirement, I thought it was the right decision. Through this whole saga, he has expressed that he wants to comeback, but then the Packers management visited him and he wasn't sure about coming back. Favre has really been inconsistent in his views and put the Packers in a bad situation."

Brunner, who originally hails from Hubertus, Wis., knows that he is in the minority when it comes to his feelings on Favre.

"Being the Wisconsinite that I am and the cheese-head that I am, I know there are plenty of Packers fans that aren't level-headed about the situation and think everyone is out to get ol' Brett Favre. But Favre put the Packers in a tough spot and the management has handled it very well. I think it is about time for Brett to ride off into the sunset on his tractor."

Brunner also voiced his support for Aaron Rodgers and hopes to see Favre on the opposing sideline when Green Bay hosts Minnesota during the opening week of the NFL regular season.

"I have been on the Aaron Rodgers bandwagon for a year or two now and I wouldn't mind seeing Brett in purple and see Green Bay take it to the Vikings and see the new lion teach the old lion a thing or two."

Dan LeFevour, who is a Chicago Bears fan, has been very happy to see the Packers'-Favre situation get out of control, as he feels it will damage the Green Bay season.

Brunner couldn't disagree more.

"Dan can come talk to me when Chicago has sorted out their quarterback situation," Brunner joked. "They can choose between below average and strictly awful. So, I think the Packers are going to be alright."

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