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Sunday, September 21, 2008

New site FAQ: The comics

Posted in one of our forums:
" I like the new on line Morning Sun, but I cannot find the comics. Where did they go? "

A. The old site didn't carry the comics in an HTML-accessible format, either. The comics still are online, right where they've always been, in the ePaper.
Here's what they look like:

The ePaper is essentially an interactive PDF that allows access to the newspaper in the print-style look. It includes everything, including the ads. Access it by clicking on the upper right of the front page - where it says ePaper.
Guest access is enabled now for everyone, and although we might begin charging for ePaper access in the future, it's free now.
The Sunday funnies remain a print-only product.


Anonymous bob b said...

The comic strips are old and worn out.

new ones are needed.

9:14 AM 

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