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Sunday, March 22, 2009

From the Sunday sites

Add Brighton to the list of school districts closing schools in face of dropping enrollment. reports that parents' battles, including an online petition, went for naught in saving the Miller Early Childhood Center, which currently houses 568 students.

Congress is sending money to schools. But reports that some dollars are going to districts that don't need it, while some poorer districts are getting little. reports that these are tough times for Starbucks. It's been closing stores by the hundreds and laying off workers by the thousands. People started skipping Starbucks even before the recession got really bad. What to do?

How are we dealing with tough times? says thrift and responsibility suddenly sound sexy. Balance, both in lives and in bank accounts, oozes desirability. Instant gratification, by contrast, sounds like the cheap thrill it really is.

How can business prosper in these times? My old friend and editor Jack Telfer at reminds us of how treating customers like they were the people who pay the bills pays off.


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