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Thursday, August 24, 2006


I dropped off my daughter at Mount Pleasant High School's freshman orientation today, and just watched for a while.
In 1971, Van Morrison sang the line "The girls walk by/Dressed up for each other" in "Wild Night" on his "Tupelo Honey" album, and that's exactly what was up in the main hallway at MPHS. These girls were clearly strutting their stuff, but it wasn't for the boys.
Freshman boys: You had to look pretty close to even spot them. A few tried to swagger, as boys will, but they didn't quite have the moves. They will, in a few weeks. Most were trying to hide their wide eyes and skinny shoulders, just wondering where the bathrooms were, and trying hard not to think about those girls.
For all the high tech and MySpace, it's still high school. It will be interesting to watch those guys change, day by day, between now and June 2010. We'll hardly know them.


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