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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Today, former U.S. ambassador Joseph Wilson came to CMU to speak to this year's Leadership Safari, and I got to meet him.

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I shook his hand and introduced myself. I'm pretty sure the only coherent thing I said to him was "It's an honor to meet you," after that my voice kind of trailed off as it dawned on me just WHO exactly I was meeting.

I'm meeting a man who has shaken hands with Saddam Hussein. I'm meeting a man whose wife was a CIA operative. This is the real deal in international intrigue and government cover-up scandals, and here I am trying to... what, say something to impress him? To prove I've been reading the news?

So I couldn't manage to say much to him that was different than what probably 80% of everybody who has met him said, but that's OK. I wanted to buy a copy of his book, "The Politics of Truth," but I was two dollars short, so he gave me two dollars so I could buy a copy of his book and he even signed it for me.

It can be pretty cool, being a newspaper photographer.


Anonymous Lindsay Allen said...

Victor --

Glad to know that yesterday's event was professionally and personally enjoyable for you. Many thanks to you and Ian for coming out to cover it. The Morning Sun's interest in CMU's leadership activities is much appreciated.

-- Lindsay Allen, CMU PR and marketing

1:00 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even if Joe Wilson is a liar who sparked three years of wasted money on a meaningless investigation. That was pretty damn cool of him to give you the two bucks. Props to him.

12:31 AM 

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