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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This afternoon, a few of the folks angry over the Borden project stopped by the Sun office to discuss why they're opposed to it and what they want to see things set straight. The meeting included some people from city hall and was meant to give everyone an opportunity to put their cards on the table.

Details of the meeting are probably irrelevant. What's important is what apparently is the course that will make the dissidents happy, and unless I missed something very fundamental what they want is a revote on the entire project.

Normally, I have to confess a deep sympathy for a good old-fashioned fight with city hall (who can forget my epic battle with Code Enforcement last year over a parking ticket? -- no one within earshot, I promise you that). That's been strengthened by watching the city's continued botched handling of the fluoride issue, and the nasty treatment of Gladys Mitchell for continuing to raise what really is a very important issue (if we were half as smart as we give ourselves credit for being, what we ingest in the name of public health and the wisdom of compulsory medical treatments in the name of dental health would rate miles above what we do with a small strip of contaminated land along the river).

And, I'll be perfectly honest and say that I voted in favor of the project because I thought it would bring a bookstore downtown (three blocks away).

But, I don't get the impression that the project is at a stage where a revote is practical (let alone possible).


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