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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yep, that was me risking my life among falling trees for our readership. Thanks for noticing, Eric.

I never realized how gigantic that tree was until I saw how tiny a man in a bucket truck looked cutting it down, piece by piece . Friday's Morning Sun has a different view of the tree removal, too.

The men working said the job would take a little longer than others, because they have to cut smaller chunks, a little at a time, to avoid detroying the Borden Building and the power lines there. Good thinking.

On a more delicious note, while at the Mt. Pleasant farmer's market today I saw red, ripe, locally grown tomatoes for sale. The market continues in Island Park every Thursday through October. Yum. (Photo added! Link added! Fun added! -- Ed.)


Blogger Bob said...

Way to risk your life Lisa.

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7:09 AM 

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