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Thursday, August 31, 2006


If you're a CMU fan, and you go to the games, no doubt you've heard the fight song a million times. So, you know the part where it goes, "to our colors we'll be true..." and then the crowd does this sing-songy "Whooo-ooooh!" Does anyone know when this started?

I happen to love the "whooo-ooooh." I find it irresistable. Others, people I won't mention, hate the "whooo-oooh," and make fun of it every time they hear it.

What do you think? I'm completely interested in reader opinion on this one, and also any input someone might have as to when this started, because it's been at least a few years.

Oh yeah, and fire up Chips :)

(Update 10:17 p.m. ... is this the one? Or is it this one? -- E.B.)


Blogger Lisa Yanick said...

Thanks for posting examples, Eric, the first one "The Fighting Chippewas," is the fight song. Isn't the other one the song you're supposed to stand up and clap to if you're an alum? Somebody help me sort out this CMU song confusion!

2:44 PM 

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