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Monday, August 28, 2006

Candidate Web sites, take 2

When last the topic of November's election came up, it was in the form of links to candidate Web site links for the House and Senate races involving Isabella County. Sadly, the only other Legislature-related race that's taken to the Web is in the 35th Senate District, a battle that pits Republican incumbent Michelle McManus against Democratic challenger Antoinette Schippers for the district that serves Clare County.

Stop fretting and turn that frown upside down sunshine, 'cause the Web is popping with sites for other races.

Two must visits are for the sitting Democratic governor, Jennifer Granholm, and her challenger, Republican businessman Dick DeVos. Why are they "must visits?" I don't know, maybe for the same reasons that the U.S. Senate-related sites for Republican challenger Mike Bouchard and Democratic incumbent Debbie Stabenow are must visits. And, in the same way that between now and the election, you might want to pay a visit to the sites for Republican Congressman Dave Camp, and his Democratic challenger Mike Huckleberry (gratuitous Val Kilmer quote ... here).

Speaking of Mike Huckleberry, did you know that his positions on issues involving seniors are exactly the same positions taken by the American Association of Retired Persons? No kidding, see for yourself. The AARP's voter's guide for the state of Michigan is here. If you read through all the responses, you'll see that Huckleberry's opponent isn't the only one so filled with white-hot contempt for the elderly that he refused to participate*. Members of both parties decided it was keeping in their campaign strategy to simply ignore the survey.

Meanwhile, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce doesn't have a spiffy little survey -- perhaps they were afraid of getting snubbed -- but they do have a campaign Web site.

There will be more later. Oh, much more.

Disclaimer--The Morning Sun does not endorse candidates for office. The arranging of names and Web site links in this post are purely random. They are not even in alphabetical order, as that would show undue cumulative bias as you navigate backwards through the alphabet.

*--Reference made purely for purposes of cheap humor. Dave Camp does not, as far as I know, loathe the elderly or feel anything for them but the standard issue warm and fuzzies.


Blogger Bob said...

Huck's site sucks. You think he would have been looking at all the success other democrats have had aroun d the nation adopting a pro-web strategy.

His site sucks, and it doesn't take a whole lot of money to make a better site. If he would only inquire...

12:25 AM 

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