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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gas Prices-what do you think?

Are gas prices out of control? Will the rising cost of fuel influence your plans this summer? Tell us what you think by adding a comment here!


Anonymous Bob Cova said...

I imagine that many will continue their regular driving habits. Much travel of a day to day nature is required anyway and people hate to deprive themselves of a certain amount of pleasure driving (It is summer in Michigan after all!) It's a populist gripe and fills Sound Off daily, but there's not much you can do about it. Many folks use a credit card to buy gas, so it's easy to place the cost in the background of your purchases since there's no immediate expense to make you consider staying home. It will add to your personal debt and people seem to be able to make peace with a certain amount of that in their lives.

P.S. I'm a first time poster here and when I saw your name I wanted to compliment you on your lovely photographs in the Sun. Keep up the fine work, Lisa!

10:30 PM 
Blogger Lisa Yanick said...

Thanks, Bob!

And while I don't personally use a credit card to buy gas, I agree that people will pay for gas to travel, no matter how much they complain:)

I know that I will...enjoying Michigan summers is what makes Michigan winters bearable!

11:06 PM 
Blogger Karen said...

I agree; we have an amount of driving we "have" to do. So whether it is $20 to fill up or $65, we fill up the tank. It's those lovely summer drives that I remember as a child, that won't be happening with the prices where they are now. It was a cheap form of entertainment when the days were long: we'd all pile into the Buick and drive over to a local park at a small lake or river and watch the wildlife. Or just drive, enjoy the scenery and head back home.

5:39 PM 

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