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Saturday, June 09, 2007


Stephen and Bambi Carlotti run Rez-Works Fireworks on the Isabella Reservation.

Most consumer-class fireworks aren't legal in Michigan -- but the state law doesn't reach onto the Isabella Reservation.
A few years ago, some enterprising folks began selling fireworks from their homes or the side of the road on the Rez.
People got a little concerned about that, and the Tribe began licensing and regulating sellers.
This year, they're set up next to Sagamok Shell, all together, in a high-traffic area. Some of the dealers are concerned that a sudden storm could get some of the product wet, but so far, so good, according to Tribal Chief Fred Cantu.
Just remember -- just 'cuz it's legal to buy the stuff on the Rez doesn't mean it's legal to possess it and shoot it off, off the Rez.

Jeanette Leaureaux and Stacy Johnson are Tribal members licensed to sell fireworks on the Isabella Reservation.


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