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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Today's beginning as a cloudy, kind of drab-looking day, but it could get interesting as the day goes on.
A cold front is moving down from the north, and it will take most of the day to move across mid-Michigan. That colder air from Canada will run into the warm, muggy stuff we've been subjected to for the last couple of days. That could set off some thunderstorms this afternoon, but the chances are still listed as 50/50 for any given location.
Where it does rain, it could get soaked.
When that colder air moves through, we can look for cooler, less humid air for Thursday and Friday. Highs might not get back into the 80s until the middle of next week.


Anonymous DrMuga75 said...

Six days of 90 degree heat this year - and it's only June! Is it too early to start looking forward to fall? Looks like the Rosebush to Clare area got a lot more rain than we did - only .10" on Brown St.

10:55 PM 

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