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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's a bird, it's a plane...

It's a ...comet?

Some clever, observant folks at the MS office saw this falling from the sky to the west of the building Wednesday evening, just before sunset...

Anyone out there see a comet land in mid-michigan??


Blogger Dick Bolton said...

Interesting photo. But that was no comet.

It may have been a meteor or some other kind of space debris plummeting through the atmosphere. Or it may have been the contrail of an airplane that caught the sun just right. How long did the display last?

6:24 AM 
Blogger Lisa Yanick said...

It was definitely not a plane...the tail was "disappearing" too quickly, and the thing was moving quickly toward the ground...not like a plane...unless there was a plane crash somewhere west of the MS...? any scientists out there have any answers?

7:38 AM 
Anonymous Christopher Tycner said...

As an astrophysicist I can definitely say this was not a comet. As it has been pointed out already, it is either a piece of space rock breaking up into two pieces as it enters our atmosphere at high speed, or a piece of space junk (pieces of old satellite or rocket parts) doing the same.

4:59 PM 

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