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Monday, September 17, 2007

Pizza King fire

For many years, Pizza King enjoyed the enviable position of being the pizza seller closest to the Central Michigan University campus.
A devastating fire heavily damaged the long-time Mt. Pleasant business early Sunday morning. Besides Pizza King, the Hip-Hop Shop and The Store were damaged.
All these businesses near the corner of Mission and Preston occupy a special place in the Mission Strip business history.
The Store was the quintessential independent convenience store. If location is everything, The Store's location -- right next to campus on the busiest stretch of the busiest street in town -- was perfect.
It wasn't very big, and the place was packed with liquor, beer, cigarettes, munchies -- nothing out of the ordinary. But no CMU freshman could come to town, see the big white-and-red rotating sign that said "THE STORE," and not think that somehow, this said "college."
The Hip-Hop Shop had been through several incarnations. It was started by a pair of young entrepreneurs who had a desire to turn their love for rap culture into dollars.
And Pizza King. In the early 1970s, the only pizza delivery places in town were Pizza King and Pisanello's. Sunday nights, when the dorms didn't serve dinner, those two places pretty much fed the campus.
That's when Pizza King commissioned its radio jingle, the same one it's used ever since. Anyone who has listened to the radio in mid-Michigan knows it. People might not be able to recite the phone number, but they can sing it: "Call 7-7-2-9-4-3-5/The best pizza/at Pizza King."
Now just try to get that out of your head.


Blogger Lisa Yanick said...

Once, in college, the school cancelled class for the next day due to a snow storm, and The Store ran out of beer by 10 pm...there is another pizza place close to campus, though...The Malt Shop.

11:14 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is true, the Malt Shop does have pizza (not sure if I can call it Pizza though). But NOTHING compared to Pizza King's pizza. I truley hope that he rebuilds so their delicous pizza can be made again!


9:50 AM 

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