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Monday, April 14, 2008

It's been worse, but not much ...

Gasoline price leader Speedway made a regional price move this morning - Happy Monday! - to $3.559 a gallon for self-serve unleaded regular gasoline.
As of mid-afternoon, most other mid-Michigan gasoline retailers were biding their time, waiting for someone else to follow along. If the pattern of recent weeks holds true, discounters, including Speedway will end up about 2 cents lower than that price, with major brands a penny or two higher.
It's perilously close to the record, but not quite there. According to the files at the Morning Sun, prices hit $3.60 a gallon over Memorial Day weekend last year.
That was with the price of a barrel of crude oil about $65. Now it's more than $100.
And, not to be too depressing - the price of unleaded went up about 70 cents a gallon between April 15 and Memorial Day last year.
Perhaps we'll be looking fondly back at the days of $3.50 gas ...


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