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Monday, May 05, 2008

I took a break from cooking for my fiance dinner to write this

Read Greg Nelson's Column, 4 posts below this.

Then, tell me it isn't completely expected that he would say women should appreciate a belch after dinner because it's a compliment to the chef. Well DUH, of course Greg assumes the woman cooked the meal, probably barefoot, pregnant, dare she not feel special when her big strong man wolfs it down in 2 bites and then expels gas loudly because he inhaled so much air in the 3 seconds it took him to eat it. No verbal compliment needed, ladies. Rest easy in the knowledge that gas means thank you.

And, OF COURSE, it should be illegal for women to wear makeup, or anything other than what their man picks out for them, really. I mean, it would be so upsetting to a guy to see someone with make up on, then without it! He has other, more worldly things to worry about, girls. He doesn't want to be confused by blue eye shadow one say, none the next.

As if boys ever notice things like make up/no make up anyway.


Blogger Fuzzy said...

Oh dear, trust me, us men notice things like makeup no makeup on some women. The truly beautiful ones need no makeup, maybe that's what Greg was trying to say.

11:29 AM 
Blogger Lisa Yanick said...

Oh I know, I know, but still! lol...

3:37 PM 

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