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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Clintons vs. Obama - what will it cost?

Delegates hold up signs in support of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2008. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)
Sun Special Correspondent
DENVER – The convention is still buzzing about the Clintons withholding just enough support to cost Barack Obama the presidency.
I have some questions for Bill Clinton that I will never get to ask unless I run into him in the cavernous halways of the Pepsi Center.
Question No. 1: People gave you the benefit of the doubt when you ran for president. Why won't you do same for Obama?
No. 2: How long did it take you to "get over" your loss for re-election as governor of Arkansas way back when?
No. 3: Would you feel better if you could blame Hillary's loss to Obama on a "right-wing conspiracy?"
No. 4: Do you think Hillary would have gotten as far as she has if her last name were not Clinton and you were not a former president?
No. 5: Do you think the media and sexism (such as prejudice in favor of women) ever helped Hillary?
I guess I'll go roam the hallways at the Pepsi Center for a while.


There are facilities for the working press in Pavilion No. 2 outside the Pepsi Center. It is a big white tent cordoned off inside by dark curtains. The cloth is in constant motion from the fans blowing the cool air around. Denver pushed 90 again today so it took a lot of fans to keep it comfortable.
The floor is plywood and crunches a bit if you hit it wrong. Big news organizations like Business Week and USA Today are housed in the tent, one of at least 5 surrounding the venue.


Sen. Barack Obama was in Kansas City, not St. Louis, when he talked to the Democratic convention. But when his daughter asked him where he was, he knew.
I got together with former CM Life editor and CMU journalism grad of three years ago, Chad Livengood. He is the political writer for the Springfield, Mo., News-Leader.
He reported that Barack Obama misstated being in St. Louis Monday night instead of the correct city, Kansas City. Livengood posted it on his blog for the newspaper and it was picked up by the very popular conservative news blog, The Drudge Report. That led to thousands of hits on Livengood's blog. News travels at lightning speed in the digital era.
There are still reporters' notebooks in evidence but Blackberrys and digital audio and video recorders are more plentiful. When I started in the newspaper business 40 years ago we used manual typewriters.


A Denver newspaper reported that actor and heartthrob George Clooney is skipping the convention in favor of a film festival in Venice. I guess he can't compete with Obama's so-called celebrity.

(John C. Hartman is a Central Michigan University journalism professor who is blogging about the Democratic National Convention for the Morning Sun.)


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