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Friday, August 08, 2008

Unusually cool for August

Unusually cool, dry air is spreading across the eastern half of the country this weekend, and forecasters with Accuweather, the weather service that brings you the print Morning Sun's weather page, will make it feel more like September than early August.
Lows dropping to the low 50s will be the norm overnight.
"It's going to be even colder tonight around the lower Great Lakes," said Accuweather Expert Senior Meteorologist John Kocet. "Lows in the rural areas of western New York and Pennsylvania could dip into the 40s."
Kocet adds that conditions forecast for this weekend from the Great Lakes to the Deep South can be described simply as splendid. Cool, dry Canadian air will spread behind a cold front that will plunge almost to the Gulf Coast.
In mid-Michigan, the passage of that front is expected to tough off some isolated thundershowers and scattered showers before dry weather returns Saturday night and Sunday, say National Weather Service forecasters.
The absence of humidity will be a welcome relief across the Southeast, where steamy conditions are the rule in mid-summer. Daytime heating will result in near normal temperatures; however, the dry air will make it feel much more comfortable.
The big difference will be felt at night, when it is going to feel more like September.


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