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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Free Internet for Downtown Mt. Pleasant

For those of you who did not read the story in Thursday's Morning Sun (Gasp! Get thee to a newsstand at once!), it's true. Mt. Pleasant will soon feature free wireless Internet in the downtown area.

While the move is a transparent marketing ploy by both the city and, which is providing the maintenance, installation and signal gratis, the true benefit will be for the residents of the city and business owners.

In an increasingly high-tech world, where instant messages and texting are replacing cell phone calls and e-mail, offering what few other cities do can only attract business and technologically savvy consumers.

Yes, the city will have to pony up the money for three or four access points (about $1,500 each), but it's a small price compared to the benefit.


Blogger Bob said...

I commented on this at the icdp blog.

This is great...

Does anybody know what kkind of speeds the free service will give?

9:09 PM 
Blogger Ian Patrick Gray said...

Word is that the free service will be a true broadband (ie a minimum of 256Kb) but not a lot more. Since this is a free service, don't expect to download the latest movie release at the local coffee shop. I don't think even Fifi's stocks enough coffee to keep you awake that long. Other than that, happy surfing!

1:56 AM 
Blogger Bob said...

I figured it would be 256K

1:46 PM 

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