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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What if they gave an election, and nobody came?

It happened on the east side of Weidman.

The township line between Nottawa and Sherman townships runs right down Woodruff Road through the middle of Weidman. Rather than split the town, the county commissioner districts were drawn so that District 2 includes all of Weidman, including the part in Nottawa Township. The rest of Nottawa is in District 1. But that means the portion of Nottawa in District 2 comprises a little, tiny Nottawa Township precinct, with only 58 registered voters.

Not a single one of them showed up on Tuesday.

Voter turnout: Zero.

In the part of the city of Clare in Isabella County, there are 23 registered voters. A total of two of them showed up.

One of them voted in the Republican primary, voting only for road commission candidate Kathie Elliott. The other voted in the Democratic primary, voting only for 99th District House candidate Loren Partlo, who won, and 33rd Senate District candidate Dennis Stewart, who lost.


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