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Friday, September 15, 2006

Granholm back up

An EPIC/MRA poll released today by the Detroit News and several TV stations, including WJRT-TV, puts Gov. Jennifer Granholm back in the lead over challenger Dick Devos.

She's up 50 to 42 percent, beyond the margin of error, in this poll.

It's instructive to look at why. Devos has been running entirely on the economy, and, indeed, people are unhappy and pessimistic about the state of Michigan's economy. Devos beats Granholm there.

But that's the only issue where he beats her. On health care, stem cell research, the Great Lakes, water quality and the environment, equal opportunity, gay rights, fuel prices and abortion, Granholm is seen as the better candidate.

It's not a referendum on George W. Bush. This poll seems to indicate that President Bush's positions are only a slight factor in why people are supporting a gubernatorial candidate. Nine percent say they like Devos because they like Bush; 12 percent say they like Granholm because they hate Bush.

The economy is the biggee, but it's not the only thing.


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