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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cropsey, McManus and Goschka for McCain

All three mid-Michigan state senators seem to be lining up behind Sen. John McCain.

The Arizona Republican’s Straight Talk America political action committee announced today that Sen. Alan Cropsey of Dewitt, Michelle McManus of Lake Leelanau and Mike Goschka of Brant are among the 10 Michigan Senate co-chairs of the McCain group’s Michigan Legislative Advisory Team.

MCain's PAC, like Mitt Romney's Commonwealth PAC, is officially dedicated to collecting money for Republican candidates. In reality, they are essentially ways for McCain and Romney to announce they've gotten some endorsements and the backing of people on the ground. These PACs are ways to put together campaign organizations without officially declaring candidacies, when different rules apply.

Between Romney and McCain, the two have practically locked up the backing of most of the Republican lawmakers in Michigan. Now think about this: Romney’s been derided in some parts of the GOP as practically a loony leftist. People like Rush Limbaugh have long been bashing McCain, deriding him as part of the “soft center.”

Hmmmm. Al Cropsey backing someone in the “soft center?” McManus and Goschka getting behind someone whom commentator David Limbaugh, Rush’s brother, describes as “a long shot for the GOP presidential nomination because of his regrettable advocacy of campaign finance reform, his unpredictable temperament, his social liberalism and his pronounced disdain for Christian conservatives, which he reaffirmed quite recently.

Something isn’t quite squaring up here.

The other Michigan Senate co-chairs of Straight Talk America are Sen. Jason Allen of Traverse City, Sen. Pattie Birkholtz of Saugatuck, Sen. Tom George of Kalamazoo, Sen. Wayne Kuipers of Holland, Sen. Ron Jelinek of Three Oaks, Sen. Laura Toy of Livonia and Sen. Gerald Van Woerkom of Muskegon, obviously all screaming liberals.


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