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Monday, September 04, 2006

More fun with polls

The polls might not agree on the numbers, but they do agree on the trend -- support for Gov. Granholm is on the upswing. The latest, from an Iowa polling firm, has the Guv. up on Dick DeVos by a pair of points. It's still within the margin or error, but a earlier poll by the same company had DeVos up on her by the largest margin of any of the polls. Now, Selzer has her up by the smallest margin among the polls. So, at least the trend is consistent.

That's changed the media angle on this ongoing campaign story. About a month ago, the standard media angle was that Granholm was in trouble. Now, the angle appears to be that Granholm has erased DeVos' lead in polls where it existed, and has gained the momentum. Next month, maybe David Broder will parachute in to update his annual Michigan column.

I don't suppose it's entirely inaccurate, but one would hope that less attention would be paid to how the race would play out if the election was today and more -- you know -- on how the two would govern.

Meanwhile, the same polling company says that half of Michigan voters would vote in favor of a mourning dove season, while 40 percent says they're against it. Of course, it's probably a little too early either way to get an idea of how these things will play out on election day -- early polls like this are notoriously inaccurate, and the final results can sway wildly depending on what happens in the last couple of weeks of the campaign.


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