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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


That animated sequence of the Bader Building chimney demolition (below) by Victor Fitzsimons is what the kids would call "way cool." (Am I dating myself?)

Anyway, as one who has been around the photo and news business as a professional for about 40 years, now, I think that use of of stills taken in sequence really epitomizes the idea of news photography as historical documentary work.

Kudos to our new technology that made this possible. But especially, kudos to my young colleague, Victor, for having the curiosity and imagination to explore and exploit it in this medium.


Anonymous liz from weidman said...

Could you explain the benefits of stills taken in sequence vs. video?

11:50 AM 
Blogger Dick Bolton said...

Well, Liz, there probably are no particular "benefits" to stills taken in sequence over video, other than you work with the tools you happen to have.

We who do newspaper photography happen to have still cameras that can shoot individual frames in rapid succession. Other guys come to the task with video motion picture cameras.

What makes this remarkable is how the still shots were used to create an authentic animated sequence.

What's especially cool about it is that we have the technology at our fingertips to do the animation in a rather sophisticated fashion.

Maybe I'm awed by this because once upon a time, long ago, when I was a schoolkid, I spent more class time than I should have playing with animation in a very crude way.

The trick was to take a pad of paper and on one edge of each sheet draw a little stick figure, each one slightly different and slightly offset from the one before. By flipping the pages quickly it was possible to see the stick figure "walk" across the page.

Being able to do that with real photos, as Victor did, just seems awesome to me.

Dick Bolton

5:50 PM 
Anonymous liz from weidman said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

2:55 PM 

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