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Friday, September 22, 2006

DeVos spin on Intelligent Design

Word is that Dick DeVos' acknowledgement that he'd like to see intelligent design has sent his campaign into spin mode. Here is the attempted clarification.

I've followed the topic closely over the last couple of years, because it fascinates me (written about it here, and here, and -- forgot this one -- here, plus a couple of other times for which I can't find links), and DeVos' clarification is steeped in the words of Creationism. I mean, local control is all well and good and hard to argue with, which is why the appeal is couched as all about it. On the other hand, why not let schools teach that Pi is strictly defined as 3.14? The answer is because that is bad mathematics.

Following up on Dick's idea that intelligent design be taught as how to identify hogwash ... I think that would be a fine idea, if you wanted to devote your valuable science classroom time to picking apart hokum. I'd rather have kids learn good science, and how to arrive at good science, since it makes spotting someone's cheap ploy a lot easier by comparison.

By the way, for fun, go read the Wedge Strategy. You can also find it on the Discovery Institute's Web site (Center for the Renewal of Culture and Science, I think, is the precise wing), but it has five pages of disclaimers, all of them arguing that what the document says isn't what it means.


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