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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bricks falling down

Word on the street (tomorrow ... word in print) is that a date is finally set for the Borden Building chimney to come down. It is ... Oct. 6.

The chimney's demolition date has been the topic of rumors the last month and a half. One time -- memory tells me it was late-ish August -- residents of Riverview apartments were given a date that they needed to be away from their homes ... but that the chimney never came down. Since then, there was talk that the chimney might come down Sept. 22 (last Friday).

Part of the plan all along has been to erect viewing areas (prompting more than one snide reference to the Battle of Bull Run).

(Blogger's been acting up the last couple of days, and this is the third time I've tried to upload this dad-blamed post. If the Internets [sic] gods are smiling, three'll be a charm. -- E.B.)


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