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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Memories of Mary

The Morning Sun will be posting thoughts, prayers and memories of Mary babb from our employees.

Mary, I wish I could have taken the pain in your life away and... I wish; like many of our talks in the breakroom, we could have went out and celebrated our divorce/freedom (you know what I mean).
You came into our lives for a reason --- to give us sunshine on a cloudy day.
My prayers go out to you, Sam and your family. Your sweet disposition was one to be cherished and now will shine bright in Sam.
God has taken one more angel from us to heaven.
You will be missed by all. Take care and God Bless!

-Candy Eichhorn

Yesterday was a very harrowing day at work. I happen to work at The Morning Sun, where yesterday, a coworker, who finally left her abusive son a bitch husband, was shot dead in our parking lot by him. Needless to say it was terrifying, actually I do not think terriffying does justice. You always here about that sort of stuff happening, however, it is not supposed to happen to someone you know, nor is it supposed to happen where you work. My heart goes out to her son, who is only just turned 3, and to her parents. To imagine what she was thinking and feeling would give the most hardened person nightmares for years to come.

My heart goes out to anyone who has ever been in an abusive relationship or to anyone that is currently in a abusive relationship. My thoughts and prayers are with you. How ironic is it that the justice system that is supposed to protect you can also let harm or death come to you. Be strong please.

The bastard that murdered by coworker actually waited for her to come out of the building. He rammed her SUV until it flipped over onto its roof. She tried getting out to no avail. He shot her twice in the chest with a shotgun.

My heart goes out to my friends that happened to be outside and saw the whole nightmarish ordeal. I can not even fathom having to deal with what you saw. It is enough just seeing and knowing what happened. You are my hero. My heart goes out to the people that tried feverishly to save her, even though they knew she was already gone. You too, are my hero, and will always be that, my hero.

Everyone plays the "what if" song in their head, when the truth is, he knew what he was going to do, there was no stopping him.

This whole thing got me thinking a lot about my family. My dear sweet family that I can not even try imagining having to live without. I pray that nothing ever happens to any of them. I would not be able to survive without your strength.

If you have never been in a building that has ever been put into a lockdown because of a psycho with a F150 and a gun, pray to God that you never are. It is truly the most horrible thing. Every time I close my eyes I see her. Every time I close my eyes I see the SUV flipped on its roof and people trying to save her life. I really hope no one has to ever experience such sadness and terror. I do know, however strange it is, that it is exactly what lots of people face all the time. And to all of you, I hope you find a way to cope, however that may be.

- Felicia Gross

Oh, My Mary...

With that Smile so bright like sunlight, a Laugh that was Musical like her soul. Her personality was that of Magical ...with a Love that was unmeasured.
To have you part of our lives and call you friend - Priceless... But, to have you so suddenly, and tragically taken from us - Unforgivable...
Oh, My Mary, you will NEVER be forgotten... Your sunlight, magic and love is the music we hear, you will be with us and live in us Forever.

-Michelle L. Bain - 1/11/07

It is hard to even describe how I feel. It is such a shock. A brutal....right outside our front door......and a little 4 year old boy left behind with no mommy to love him..........whose life was was changed soon as his father pulled the trigger. God rest your soul Mary............and God love your son.

-Joni Linville Pkg. Mngr.

I want people to know what an amazing friend Mary was – a smile to cheer someone or a kind word to someone scared. Mary was always optomistic, no matter how frightened she was. She was an amazing Mom. I'm honored to have been her friend. May God give you the peace you deserve Mary. You will never be forgotten.

-Janet Sowle


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thoughts of the community are with Mary's family and her friends the Morning Sun. Your loss is felt by all. I'm so sorry.

8:57 PM 
Blogger Heather Vollmar said...

I worked with Mary years ago and I know that she was sweet, beautiful and she DID have that bounce in her step! She was a kind person and I pray that she may rest in peace! My heart goes out to her family, friends and coworkers! I will keep you all in my prayers!

1:28 PM 

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