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Friday, January 12, 2007

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More from Morning Sun employees in memory of Mary Babb

In Memory of a Friend

Days of quiet reflection,
are over now my friend.
But you will never ever be forgotten,
no reason your life had to end.

I’ve chosen to remember you,
in my own special way.
I won’t say ‘farewell’ to you,
I’ll just remember your smile each day.

Your never-ending energy, your smile,
the bounce within your step,
Are all engraved in my soul,
never to forget.

You left our earth too early,
of which I will never understand.
But your legacy is in your son,
who’ll grow up to be a wonderful man.

Sympathy, none given,
sympathy, none implied.
For the evil that lay inside a man,
who thought nothing of how you died.

He thought of only one person,
himself, an evil man.
Not of what he was taking away,
and the pain that he would cause.

Retribution is something that no one can escape,
surely not even an evil man like he.
I only wish that I could tell him now,
his soul will never, ever, be free.

You’re in a better place now friend,
surrounded by love, not fear.
And your spirit will be with me always,
through sunshine or silent tears.

May the glow and warmth of your heart,
shroud little Sam for years to come.
You’re his Guardian Angel now,
who better than his Mom.

See you on the other side, friend. JS


Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:33 AM 
Anonymous Robyn Wiltse said...

Unbelievabley Beautiful! God is Lucky to have her, we will see her there some day.

9:39 AM 

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