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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Remembering Mary Babb

One year ago today, Morning Sun sales representative Mary Babb was shot to death in front of the newspaper office by her estranged husband. Thomas Daniel Babb now is serving a 50- to 75-year sentence in prison.
Mary's colleagues offer this remembrance for her -- and for other victims of family violence like her.


I lost a friend today...
Call her sister, mother, daughter...Best Friend,
a soul that was like mine.
For me, a kindred spirit,
I called her my friend.

I lost a friend today...
We had a special bond, call it life...
or something in common,
but, she nor I are common.

I lost a friend today...
We share the good times and bad, we shared our
stories and the small tears that were shed,
cried knowing they didn’t deserve our tears.

I lost a friend today...
The bond we had shared showed us
that we weren’t thought, in fear.
Hidden feelings from the world outside.
but, we were not alone.

I lost a friend today...
What was the bond, you may ask?
It wasn’t about group outings, being with friends,
work or family fun...
It was the fear of never being loved or
the abuse that was about to come.

I lost a friend today...
He didn’t care that we saw,
but, he didn’t know we knew...
for if he had, he wouldn’t have done
what he set out to do.

I lost a friend today...
The time I had shared with her is cherished...
and now she is gone...But, I stand here today
to make everyone around me aware


I lost a friend today...

- Michelle L. Bain


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has it been a year already? To most people this day will pass without ever knowing what a year to us is. It still is yesterday that word spread that something terrible happened right here at our own little piece of earth. Yesterday a man terrorized someone close to us for the last time. Yesterday a man terrorized a whole building where friendships were formed with her. Yesterday heroes showed up just to stand and hold her hand to let her know she wasn’t alone. Yesterday friends tried to comfort friends who witnessed it all. Yesterday that people had to put aside their personal feelings and fears to do their job. Yesterday we cried for her. Yesterday showed us who we really are. I know that a lot of us still wake up and cry in the middle of the night for no reason. I know that a lot of us can’t replace horrible images that we may have only caught a glance of but still haunt us. I know that every time some of us hear of a similar story we sob uncontrollably. For each of us it’s a private matter that we are forced to live publicly, but we aren’t alone. Whether we wear a purple ribbon or silently cry, we aren’t alone. To me it hasn’t been a year because I still relive that day as if it were yesterday, just like many of us.

11:00 AM 

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