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Friday, August 25, 2006

Downtown Mt. Pleasant Traffic

The four-way stop signs in place of traffic light signals at the corners of Broadway and Main and Michigan in Main Street in Mt. Pleasant continue to draw comment.

Well, I happen to be a fan of the four-way stop sign system. It seems to me that traffic does move through town a little easier since the experiment began.

What I don’t understand is why the traffic signal lights are still hanging up and very visibly present over the intersections. That just invites confusion. (It sure caught me one day a few months back. I sat waiting for the light to change for some time before realizing it was a take-your-turn situation.)

I suspect this kind of thing leads to a lot if the criticism about the four-way stops.

Here’s a suggestion for the city powers-that-be: If those signal lights can’t be taken down at least put them under wraps to avoid confusion while the four-way stop system is being tested. That would give it a more reasonable test, too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Know! A month or so ago I was heading N on Main. I was at the stop sign between the Ward Theater and Wakefield's. I stopped. I started to go, no one was comming, but a last glance up and the stop light caught my eye, Should I stay or should I go now - the light seems to be dead, ok to go. Next stop, signal at B'way, next to Oren's. Ok theres a stop sign and a traffic signal, but wait, this signal is dead too. Ok... I am getting used to this. I make my left, I am heading toward the Moose Club, another challange awaits me at B'way and Washington. Piece of Cake, a signal and stop sign, another stop 'N go. As I continued West on B'way a disgrunteld fellow east bound traveler points up. Its the traffic signal, the one that is in service, the one I just ran. No harm, no foul; no cop, no ticket.... today

10:28 AM 

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