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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bikes thieves

What's prompting this was the theft of my bike trailer sometime in the last couple of days. Most of my neighbors -- the ones I've talked to -- seem to think it might have been college kids from a big party at the corner of Oak and Illinois this last weekend (you know, wacky college prank -- eating goldfish, stuffing bodies into a phone booth, vandalism and theft of private property).

Another dude, close to the local bicycle community says it was probably the work of a band of local misfits who steal bikes and trailers at night, and that my own little trailer was probably chopped for parts in less than a couple of hours.

True? False? Who knows, but this last summer -- according to the dude -- apparently saw a dramatic rise in the number of bicycle thefts across the city. The evidence is anecdotal, mostly related to people who complain about it. But, the problem is apparently worst down in the blocks of Pine and Oak streets between Michigan and High streets -- coincidentally where I live.


Blogger Victor Fitzsimons said...

When I lived on Main Street I heard a group of drunk jerks kicking my bike around. In the morning I found it on its side with two bent wheels which amounted to a $50 repair bill. I was pretty steamed, as it was my only mode of transportation that day. I wasn't in a hurry, but still: how inconsiderate!

5:16 PM 
Blogger Bob said...

The most fabulous barista in Mt P had his bike stolen the other night, but, it was a drunk walking by...

11:31 PM 
Blogger Lisa Yanick said...

In the 2 years of lived on Washington I town I've had a bike stolen, but I've also had someone throw up on my front porch, and a complete drunken stanger walk through my front door.

I also witnessed a driver stop her car in front of my house, open the driver-side door, throw up on the street (my guess was drunkeness), and then keep on driving...

I'd bet on the drunks stealing your bike, Eric.

12:17 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw some trailers just like yours being carried from a downtown apartment on Tuesday night. Drunk kids don't steal that shit, what would they do with them anyways?

2:25 PM 
Blogger BikeBot said...

Yeah, trailer sighting downtown Tuesday @ 11:30 PM. Guy walks down from apartment with two trailers and hooks them up to some bikes... rides away. Don't blame the students, that's horrible.

2:44 PM 

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