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Monday, September 18, 2006

Dowtown Mt. P.

A photo assignment Monday morning took me into the heart of downtown Mt. Pleasant, a visit that left me with two thoughts.

First, those diagonal parking spaces on Main Streert and Broadway are popular real estate. I had to make a full circuit to find one open, passing up all sorts of available wiggle-in parallel parking places in the process.

Second, in the aftermath of last Friday’s downtown gala, walking the sidewalks on Main and Broadway was something akin to running an obstacles course created by planting chewed-up-spit-out wads of bubble gum. Or other similar stuff. Yuck!


Blogger Victor Fitzsimons said...

that must have been the silly string remains strewn about the streets. They do look suspiciously similar to ABC gum...

5:14 PM 
Blogger Bob said...

Between Dick and Eric, the crumdgeon quota is filled here.

11:32 PM 

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