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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Roundabout on the roundabout

A Sound Off caller asks where the land for the Bluegrass and Mission roundabout will come from, raising fears that we'd have to lose a 7-11 and Red Lobster to make room for it.

Not so, says Union Township planning guy Woody Woodruff.

Woodruff e-mails and says that the land for the roundabout will come from the Comfort Inn and the entrance to CMU on the other side of Mission. We also writes:
Specifically, the consuting group DLZ keeeps coming up with them, as do other consultants. The roundabout clearly is one of those things the experts support and lay people fear.
Other readers might remember that Alma's proposed traffic circles caused some consternation, and consultants involved in that project essentially said the same thing -- they're a better way to smooth traffic flow once people get used to them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm for anything that helps with traffic. My only concern would be the number of new people (read: students) who move to town each semester. Would we have a higher than normal number of people who have to learn how to drive them year after year?

7:17 AM 
Blogger Mark said...

There are three roundabouts on the Michigan State University campus, and students learn to drive them very rapidly.

10:20 AM 

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