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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Granholm over Coffee

Governor Jennifer Granholm stopped in Mt. Pleasant today to have coffee and chat with some of the area's women in leadership. In my capacity as a photojournalist for the Morning Sun I was able to attend this event and take pictures. As a journalist, I am bound by the ethics of my profession to remain as nuetral and unbiased in political issues.

Because of that, I'll avoid discussing my opinions of the governor too much before the election. If you've ever talked to me outside of my professional obligations, you probably could guess how I feel anyway.

However, local politician Sharon Tillman said something to Granholm that struck a chord with me. Tillman spoke about women being tired. That women in politics face more obstacles than men, not just in the political arena, but in their personal lives. Women may keep their families running smoothly, they may be single heads-of households, and so the stress and pressure and time of running a political campaign may deter women from pursuing or continuing a political position. Tillman spoke of needing more young women to to step up and pursue positions. She expressed concern that there wouldn't be enough women to fill the shoes of other women who may be leaving politics.

I couldn't agree more. My profession dictates that political offices are not something I can hold, that political causes are not things I can fight for. But I know there are women out there who are smart and diligent, who can. I hope that female leaders can find a way to reach out to these bright women and encourage them to participate.


Blogger John B. said...

Actually, Lisa, some of us are encouraging women to get more involved, both older and younger women.

In the Isabella County Democratic Party we realize just what the Governor said. Women can and do win and we are running several women who have never run before. They are not career politicians, but simply women who want to make a difference.

We have also been recruiting and encouraging both older and younger women to get involved politically and stay involved politically because who we have as our leaders really does matter.

By the way, Lisa, many journalists leave the newspaper business to become involved in politics. As a journalist I often felt like a parasite, watching and observing others doing things. It's more fun being part of making changes than watching them. At least for me.

1:00 AM 
Blogger Lisa Yanick said...

It's good to hear that the party is working on this:)

By the way, I completely understand the "bystander" feeling of journalism you talked about. Right now, for me, I still love journalism, but I know a lot of people, also, who decide to go into something else where they are actively involved, like politics, teaching, stuff like that.

I really appreciate your comments, thanks for checking out our blog!

12:21 PM 

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