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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More Borden Building demolition

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Kevin Hecht and Randy Richardson of the Holland company H&M Demolition Companies, survey their demolition of a section of the Borden Building in downtown Mt. Pleasant Tuesday.

They tore down the most severely dilapidated secions of the Borden Building today. Of course, when the contractor in charge of restoring the building took the local media on a tour last year, everything was in pretty bad shape. Still, this rubble was from a later annexation to the building and are not as old as the remaining part.

Personally, I'm still surprised rubble from the chimney's demolition is still on site.

One man's campaign

People approaching the polls at many Mount Pleasant polling places this morning were assaulted with hundreds of signs promoting Dick Devos.
As they approached, they would have gone past vehicles and tables loaded with Democratic signs and literature.
All of this was illegal. The Democrats' tables and vehicles generally were parked too close to the polling places. The Republicans' signs were in the street right-of-way, and the city of Mount Pleasant has a law against that.
Resident Denny Adams decided to do something about it. He picked up hundreds of illegal signs on his way to work. He says he just was very unhappy about the arrogance of the campaigners, and didn't think voters should have to put up with the illegal visual assault.
At West Intermediate School, school officials notified the Democrats their campaign wagon was too close to the building, and they moved on.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Internet milestone

The Internet hit a staggering new milestone in October, according to an article on

Floating somewhere in cyberspace, there are now 100 million Web sites. (Carpal tunnel anyone?)

When Netcraft began tracking Web growth in August 1995, there were just 18,000 Web sites. In 2004, Netcraft noted 50 million Internet Web sites.

For the full story, go here.